Restoration Project


Restoration Project


Restoration Project, Land Rover, Series III, Lightweight, 88", Stage One, V8.

On these pages I am attempting to document the restoration of one of Land Rover's most unusual and rarest trucks. I have purchased PAN-6518 on June 1st, 2007.


The history of the 88", Lightweight, Stage One, V8 is very unusual and a number of different details have appeared over the past, however the main story remains relatively true.

A total of 29 of these trucks were built by the Solihull factory in 1982, inclusive of one prototype. Of these cars 5, inclusive of the prototype remained in the UK, the remaining 24 were apparently ordered by the police force of Jamaica. For whatever reason this deal did not go through, and all 24 were shipped to the Land Rover general importer, Mr. Robinson, of Trinidad and Tobago.

Rumor has it, that 2 of the five UK trucks still exist today, but I have been unable so far to trace their ownership and/or existence. There is no word of the prototype.

My early research here in Trinidad shows that as late as 2005, four of the 24 trucks over here were or are still in existence, early attempts to contact the owners of the trucks have failed, and I will report on any successful proof of existence of the other three trucks, or of any new discovery here in Trinidad and Tobago.

The oddity of these trucks is that in the chassis number all are identified as H, standing for the 2.25 ltr. Petrol model.

I am at present awaiting the documentation on my truck from the heritage motor center, which will clarify the originality of my vehicle, which I do not doubt.

Of the four trucks that I know of here, mine is the only one carrying the A in its chassis number, identifying the car as the soft-top that it is. The other three are B registered, meaning three door station wagon, as they appear in the few pictures that I could find. I have talked to the original owner of my truck, who confirms that he has bought it as described in the Trinidad and Tobago registration form (certified copy). The paint job on the car is still factory!

The license plates of the three other trucks here in Trinidad and Tobago are, TAJ-4203 (this is the plate number out of the 2003 picture, but there is another 2005 picture where the truck carries the easier to register PAJ-4203 plate, meaning that the owner has reregistered the truck to the easier to drive P, standing for private, rather than T for truck)

The next truck, that I found carries the plate number TAK-2645. The picture dates form 2005.
The third truck carries PAS-711. This picture dates from 2003.
As mentioned my number is PAN-6518. My truck's original plate was TAN-6518, it was changed in 1993.

I will also attempt to contact Mr. Robinson, who is now retired, after having sold the Land Rover franchise to another dealer here in Trinidad.

Should the reader have any information on any of the remaining 88" V8 trucks, please contact me at or call +1 868-310-3269

I will update the information on this site, as I discover more about this unusual truck, and as I progress in my factory standard restoration attempt.

The chassis number  of my truck is: SALLBAAH1AA159962
The engine number is: 11GO1928





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